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London Natural History Museum: Wild Crimes Podcast

Wildlife crime is one of the biggest illegal businesses in the world. Join us on a global tour as we uncover its dark underbelly. In this Natural History Museum podcast, discover some of the most shocking, sensational and sinister crimes committed against the natural world, and hear from the people working to end them. This episode, which includes a number of Orchid Specialist Group colleagues, explores the illegal trade of wild orchids.

Billions of orchids are bought and sold around the world every year. Most of this trade is legal and made up of artificially grown flowers. However, thousands of orchids are illegally harvested from the wild - and it's causing big problems for some of the most coveted species. In this episode of Wild Crimes, we'll find out why no other plant has captured our imagination quite like orchids, and learn about how we can better protect them.

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