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Our target activities relate to provision of information, policy engagement and public engagement.  These include efforts to:​

  1. Research and information

  • Identify and document existing and emerging trade-related threats to orchids, including by reviewing literature, gathering OSG member reports, engaging with conservation organisations, and conducting periodic reviews of orchid data in the CITES Trade Database

  • Maintain online list of trade-related resources, documents and articles

  • Compile and maintain a list of experts working on orchid trade, with representation across the major orchid commodities.

  • Maintain a list of research gaps related to orchid trade.

  • Conduct and support orchid trade-related research as requested and subject to funding.

  • Gather information on the viability and conservation implications of the development of propagation techniques and sustainable trade.

  • Compile a list of wild-harvested species in trade, and of products that contain wild orchid derivatives.


2) Policy engagement

  • Ensure Orchid Specialist Group is formally represented at future CITES meetings, and track and offer recommendations on policies related to orchid trade.

  • Respond to demands for expert inputs on trade from IUCN, TRAFFIC, CITES and range states.

  • Contribute to the establishment of guidance on conducting CITES Non-detriment Findings for epiphytic and terrestrial orchids.

  • Identify sympathetic partners among CITES Parties and conservation organisations to ensure support for future activities, policy amendments and proposals.

  • Improve engagement between traders, hobbyists and other stakeholders with CITES and policy processes.

  • Facilitate formal communication of trade-related issues, concerns and research findings to CITES and IUCN.

3) Public engagement

  • Raise the profile of orchid trade issues within media, CITES, IUCN, the broader conservation community and public at large.

  • Engage the orchid horticultural community to both generate positive engagement with CITES and reduce demand for illegal wild specimen.

  • Deliver public talks on orchid trade and conservation.

  • Fundraise for specific orchid trade-related activities.

  • Maintain online updates of the group’s current activities on its website and via the OSG Newsletter.

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