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Rhynchostylis gigantea harvested from the wild in Thailand and Lao PDR for sale at a market on the Thailand-Myanmar border (JPhelps)

Terrestrial orchids harvested for their bulbs to make salep flour in Turkey (AHinsley)

Ebay advertisement for wild-collected specimen of highly-protected species, Paphiopedilum rothschildianum

Wild ornamental orchids for sale at a roadside stall in Madagascar (AHinsley)

Orchid vendor in Lijiang, China (AHinsley)

Wild-harvested ornamental plants brought by cart over the border between Thailand and Myanmar (JPhelps)

Chikanda tubers (SVeldman)

Dried Dendrobium pseudobulbs for sale in Yunnan Province, China (AHinsley)

Wild-collected ornamental orchids, harvested from Myanmar and for sale at Thai boarder market (JPhelps)

Bird and flower market in Kunming, China (AHinsley)

Chikanda cake (SJKim)

Chikanda storage in Lusaka, Zambia (JOtieno)

Wild plant market in Thailand (JPhelps)


Dendrobium spp. wild-harvested in Lao PDR for sale on the Thailand-Myanmar border (JPhelps)

Telipogon ampliflorus

Telipogon ampliflorus, Cerro de la Muerte, Costa Rica (JPhelps)

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